Betta splendens is a species of fish that is shaped like a spearfish, but the colors mix much brighter. The Betta Betta, also known as Siamese fighting fish, is a very popular fish. imported from abroad, pulling countless people love and nurture this beautiful fish. aquarium toys In childhood 7X, 8X who never once raised fish fighting (fish fighting) or the group of friends shouted around the glass vial to see a real battle.

The Betta name is derived from ikan bettah (a local language of Malaysia). Up to 70 species of wild Betta species distributed throughout Southeast Asia have been identified and described. This fish was domesticated for a long time in Thailand for fighting purpose, then spread around the world. Fish was tamed from the Sukhothai dynasty about 700 years ago. Texts in the reign of the Lithai kings of the dynasty refer to the marble on the sidelines of sporting activities. Perhaps so it is known as the Siamese. The colors, shapes and skills of today's Betta are far from wild. Captives have been introduced into our country for hundreds of years, if you read the book "Fishing fish spike" by Vuong Hong Sen will see this species has appeared in our country since the beginning of the second century. fifty. Today, fighter has spread and become popular in most Southeast Asian countries as well as European and American countries, especially in Asian communities.

Betta adults are 6 to 8 cm long, and recently they have breed giant bettas over 8 cm in length. This is a gorgeous ornamental fish with finely flowing fins, while the wild color of the wild Betta is only dark green and brown with relatively short fins. As their coloring process is more diverse and longer finnage. All members of the Betta genus have a complex organ on their heads that allows them to take oxygen directly from the air, supplementing the source of oxygen absorbed by carrying it under the water. Without contact with the water, bettas will "drown".

Betta fish are carnivores, their mouths slightly raised upwards, very suitable for feeding on the surface. In the wild, Betta fish mainly eat plankton, larvae and some larvae. If the food source is abundant, the betta fish will live longer, the color is more colorful, the broken tails will soon. Therefore, when feeding Betta fish, they usually eat raw food such as red worms, boletus, etc. They are not allowed to eat plant foods such as cereal, which may die.

Betta has been nicknamed "the jewel of the Orient" because of its beautiful color through many crossbreeding processes. In the wild when excited new Betta splendid color. Nowadays, there are always strong colors, such as irritated, iridescent, shiny and varying in color or angle of light.

Normally Betta players only play the drumbeats because of its color and finnage. The females, however, can breed colorful individuals such as drummers, but their fins and bodies are not comparable. the drum

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