The price is only VND10-40-40,000 per animal, but betta is preferred by the other species of cheap fish in the beautiful color, small cost of eating and vitality. In particular, each spawning season, they can lay about 300 children. Therefore, many people can earn more income from this game.

Held from hobbies, Mr. Hiep (Tay Ho, Hanoi) is trading betta fish, said the cost of carrying a pair of fish from Thailand about 100,000-300,000, depending on the type. But if the player "cool hands", <a href="">betta fish toy accessories</a> take good care, after 4-6 months were able to profit.

"Each female can lay 300 eggs per squeeze." If the risk is reduced from dead fish, the fish can sell 60-100 fry at the price of VND10,000-40,000. 5-6 times higher than seed money, "he said.

The average size of an adult betta is only two fingers. The main food is lychees, bo bo. Farmers can earn from natural sources. Also from the above factors, this player claims, trading betta fish are not afraid of losses.

Researching this breed fish for 5 years, Mr. Hiep said, Betta has many colorful colors, long tail fins should be known as the "color queen". Contrary to the gentle form, cool, betta very aggressive. Therefore, in addition to buying the scene, many people also for them to participate in the contest.

"The average life expectancy of a betta is two to three years, but they are quite resilient, rarely weakened when transported by distance, which is why players can afford to buy. portable way from abroad or rest assured when transported away, "the owner said.

Thanks to these advantages, fish species are preferred by players of all ages. Especially, this is also one of the fish species that many young people like because of cheap. On average, his shop sells about 20-30 children, not to mention wholesale, 4-5 times higher than other fish.

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Trading this fish, Nguyen Xuan Van (Ward 6, District 8, HCMC) said, betta fish has many advantages and moderate prices. However, so that the number of children born to achieve high survival, Van must spend a lot of effort. Each breeding cycle of the mother, he usually watch continuously 1.5-3 hours monitoring, adjusting water, aeration

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